Eat Your Yogurt and Smile!

Great news, yogurt fans! Turns out that yogurt has more benefits than previously known and can keep us all smiling. Not only is yogurt loaded with nutrients that keep your bones strong and help you maintain a healthy weight, it can also help keep your digestive system running smoothly from its probiotic nature which research has shown may also protect against gum disease.

Why is this so important? Periodontal disease (gum disease), is caused by harmful bacteria accumulated on teeth as plaque which hardens into tartar that causes gum tissue to become inflamed in more than 1 in 3 American adults. Experts believe that probiotics may help to counter growth of the unfriendly bacteria in the mouth that causes gum disease which in turn may elevate the risk of heart attack and stroke. The theory is that the bacteria in the mouth infiltrate the bloodstream, causing inflammation in the arteries which increases the risk of heart disease.

Bottom line, if you want to keep your whole body healthy eatsome delicious, nutrient and probiotic packed yogurt! Look for brands whose labels say they include “live and active cultures” and try adding your favorite fruit or granola for an added twist and even more nutrients.