Grate Cheese


Cheese is a great addition to your diet for flavor, protein and calcium. Not all cheeses are alike so check the nutritional content for the serving size you will use and for the fullest flavor, get out your grater because freshly grated cheese tastes best and makes a great topping to many dishes. Parmesan cheese, for example, adds a lot of flavor, protein and calcium to many pastas, sauces, soups and more. Though you can use the typical grater found in many kitchens for veggies and softer cheeses, harder cheeses like parmesan have more intense flavor and are better grated or shaved. Invest in a grater for less than $20 for the top rated brands and create the texture and size you prefer and you’ll be glad you did. Cheeses can be served peeled, julienned, finely grated, shaved, thickly grated, as ribbons, fine flakes or zested. Enjoy!