Chef LaLa’s Homemade Products, A Must-Have In Mexican Cuisine -

The influence of Mexican food in the United States has created an industry that is growing faster than any other food segment, according to a study.

Preserving regional authenticity and seeking to preserve Mexican cultural integrity are increasingly important trends in the restaurant and retail supermarket industries. New flavors are part of this trend but the emphasis remains in cultural authenticity,

said professor Michael Boland from Kansas State University who conducted the study.

Recognizing this trend, nutritionist and author Chef LaLa has dedicated her life to re-creating traditional Mexican flavors into new and healthier food combinations through educating her public about changes in ingredients and ways of cooking.

Now, all that effort has been translated in a new line of products for her followers and fans to enjoy.

Launching the Chef LaLa Homemade line of marinades and sauces, she offered a cooking demonstration at the fabulous Kings Market Short Hills Cooking Studio, located in Short Hills, NJ, where VOXXI met with her personally and attended the cooking class.

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Chef LaLa Homemade Products, A Must-Have In Mexican Cuisine