Diabetic-Friendly Cooking By Latina Chef LaLa - Valoramas

Diabetic-Friendly Cooking By Latina Chef LaLa - Valoramas

Chef LaLa, Latina celebrity chef and a certified nutritionist, is helping to educate Latinos about type 2 diabetes by participating in a food and health tour in Southern California and showing how to prepare a diabetic-friendly meal.

Chef LaLa encourages Latinos to make healthy lifestyle changes via the new program Sazone Su Salud (Season Your Health)

Sazone Su Salud (Season Your Health) is an educational campaign that showcases food recipes to help Hispanics to create a healthy, diabetic-friendly lifestyle. Chef LaLa engages Latinos in live demonstrations of diabetic-friendly cooking in three California communities – Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

Chef LaLa said: “I’m excited to be a part of Sazone Su Salud to help educate Hispanics about easier ways to prepare healthy meals as one way to help manage their type 2 diabetes.”

Type 2 diabetes is a very serious problem among the Latino community in the U.S.  One out of five adult Latinos of age 50 or older has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. California has the highest rate of type 2 diabetes among Latinos aged 18 to 44 years.