Everyday Chores that Burn Calories

Hard work really counts, especially when counting the calories you’ve burned off! Everyday household chores and yard work often use major muscle groups which build strength and endurance. Do the work yourself and not only will you look and feel your best, you might even save a few bucks. Add some cardiovascular benefits by adding 10-15 second intervals where you work faster, increasing your heart rate and burning more calories.

Here are a few examples of the calories an average 150 pound individual can burn in just 15 minutes:

  • washing dishes - 39
  • sweeping floors - 56
  • vacuuming - 60
  • scrubbing the bathroom - 65
  • raking leaves - 73
  • operating a snow-blower - 77
  • shoveling snow - 102
  • carrying groceries upstairs - 128